Core Equivalencies

Core Equivalencies for Transfer Students

There are no “exemptions” from the Core Curriculum. Every student who graduates from Oglethorpe University’s traditional undergraduate program must have 9 Core courses on their transcript. Under certain circumstances, one or more of these courses will be listed as “section 99” for 0 credits to indicate that the course requirement has been met through an approved equivalency.

Transfer Students

Core credits for transfer students are determined by a student’s specific course work and the total semester hours transferred in by the student. The goal is to have transfer students enter the Core with their new cohort; however this will depend on whether appropriate equivalent courses have been taken successfully at another institution. No core credit is given for Advanced Placement or College Level Examination Program course work. Other credit is often given, however for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate course work; please see Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs in the Admission section.

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* Note: If a philosophy course is used to exempt COR 102, the same course cannot be applied to COR 201 or 202.

These courses cannot be fulfilled by transfer credit:

  • Great Ideas of Mathematics
  • Historical Perspectives on the Social Order I, II
  • Science and Human Nature: Biological Sciences
  • Science and Human Nature: Physical Sciences

Study Abroad

Every student attending an Oglethorpe semester or year abroad during their Junior Year at Oglethorpe may petition the Core Director to have their coursework abroad count as an equivalency for one semester of the Junior Year Core – either COR301 or COR302.

Transient Student

Once a student enrolls at Oglethorpe, core credit may not be earned through study as a transient student at other institutions; for example, no summer school credit from another university.